Embracing Hypocrisy

Two Scriptures that have helped me live this out are John 8:32 and Galatians 6:1-2. We often miss quote John 8:32 by claiming  “the truth with set you free!” That implies a captive that is trying to escape its confinements and that “truth” simply unlocks the cage and we burst out into freedom! That is not a truly accurate understanding of the power of this verse. You see, freedom only comes when you know the truth! Then upon knowing the truth in such an intimate way it becomes part of you, the truth MAKES you free! In our sin we are not banging against sin’s prison bars trying to escape…we are most often completely unaware we are even imprisoned! The truth reaches into that prison and not only unlocks the cell door but make us innocent of the charges that imprisoned us. We are not an escaping convict but forgiven, redeemed, and exempt from any guilt of prior conviction! Do you see the difference? The truth, which is Christ Himself, doesn’t simply “set” us free byunlocking our cages but “makes” us free by washing away our guilt! We are a completely new creation! So we have no reason to hide from who we really are. We have been made free to live out this TRUTH every day. We will not be perfect, but we don’t need to be fake either. Embrace our weaknesses and see them for what they are. Overcome them in the freedom you have been made to live out! That brings us to Galatians 6:1-2. Since we all stumble and fall, doesn’t it make sense to 
know how to navigate those times when we realize “that wasn’t my best moment!” If we are walking down a side walk and we stumble and fall it’s only natural to look to see if anyone has seen our embarrassing moment. Would it not be better to have a friend walking with us to either alert us before we stumble or catch us before we hit the ground? That is what our churches have lost grasp of. We are meant to help each other through these weaknesses and failures. Hiding from them or putting on a fake exterior trying to look like everything is just fine only sets us up to trip again. But if we are open, honest, and vulnerable with each other we full fill or live out the “law of Christ!” We have someone there to warn us before we trip, catch us as we stumble, or lift us up after we fall. So embrace hypocrisy. We aren’t always the “perfect” examples we should be, but together in Christ we can overcome and live in the true abundant life He came to give us!

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